Tech I use

1 Jan 2020

My dev toolbox. My workflow. My setup.

Whatever fancy phrase you wanna use, this is my list of technology I am currently using. I only use good stuff, so this is also my “recommendations” list (things I have to use due to lack of alternatives or necessity are explicitly outlined).


My desktop is a 2020 Dell XPS 15. It runs Linux (Fedora) 37. I use it with my custom keyboard.


I currently use a Oneplus 8T (2020) with the stock Android 12 OS. My next phone will ideally be degoogled, which is why it will likely be a Google Pixel phone (ironically Google hardware has best support for it).


My server runs on NixOS. It’s powered by Caddy.


Here is a list of useful websites I often use:

Panic Procedure

Afetr reading this thought experiment, I have began to seriously think about how I would recover my digital life in the case of one or more of my physical devices failing. After all, I don’t memorize my passwords anymore, and my important accounts are also protected by OTP 2FA codes. If I lose access to the Safe.kdbx file, I have lost my digital life.

My Safe.kdbx is protected via 2FA itself. It needs a password and a Keyfile. The password is kept securely in my head, while the Keyfile is shared with multiple people.

The safe file is uploaded to the cloud, accessible by anyone with the link.

This way, you need ALL of the following:

You might call it paranoid, but I call it well thought out. Each factor has:

At the end of the day, you will always be left with the problem of having to remember what needs to be remembered. If I lost my memory tomorrow, it would be rather difficult to know where to start recovering everything. But one of the places I would definitely visit would be my own blog. If you are me from the future who lost all memory, I really hope this helps.

Additional Notes